As spring approaches we are moving forward with plans for our Seaside Shop at East Lahave; a shuffle at Westgate to incorporate our outdoor living collection; and the arrival of three sought after brands at Workshop. 



Last weekend Colin and I spent time spring cleaning and plotting the layout for the Seaside Shop at East Lahave. After working Saturday evening in the city we drove down to the house on the Lahave River. The day was a little chilly at one degree celsius and the heat set in the house at ten degrees. We arrived after dark and turned up the old rads. With our zip ups on we sorted through art and unpacked lighting. Colin prepped a supper – pasta and a yummy salad – while I moved pieces around in the front parlour. The room, immediately off the front hall, will hold a vintage iron bed with plenty of chippy paint dressed with our French bedding collection. An antique English gentleman's wardrobe will house throws, pillows and John Robshaw bedding. 

After dinner and a bit of Hinterland on Netflix we were off to bed. The house at a comfortable 18 degrees. 

We awoke to the sun peering through fog. So quiet out here. Love the peace and seeing the water and weather change from the back bedroom. Berries, yoghurt, granola and an expresso before heading out to the ferry. We had planned a trip to West Dublin to check out Ploughman's Lunch. An old shop front on the shore road, with locally sourced and produced specialty foods and a vintage vibe. Then a drive up Drews Hill, a narrow lane with perfect Victorian specimens. A trip to the Lahave area is not complete without a stop by Westcote Bell Pottery for one of their beautiful mugs and the Lahave Bakery for a bite.



Back across the ferry and to the house to hang art while we still had plenty of daylight. Many vintage pieces pulled from our warehouse and a collection of transferware plates begin to dress the freshly painted walls. The old plaster walls do not care for the banging of hammers. This meant drywall screws or wires/ chains dropped from the picture rail mouldings. Since the interior paint colours were inspired by vintage china it seems only right to hang some of these pieces in the space.




Back in the city we eagerly await the arrival of new outdoor living collections. The Thomas O'Brien collection for Century Furniture will arrive in March. Recently, it has been featured in Traditional Home Magazine and Elle Decor. We will write a post on outdoor living shortly.





At Workshop & Co. we our introducing a paint line, British made sinks, handmade tiles and authentic quality fixtures and fittings. Stay tuned.


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