Bongo Bunching Table

Regular price $1,250.00

Our Bongo Table is out of stock however can be reordered! Please reach out for further option on custom ordering.

This nice bunching table is hand woven in Thailand from Water Hyacinth. Water Hyacinth is an aqua plant that grows in the slow moving rivers of Thailand. This plant grows so quickly and is so abundant that it is considered hyper-sustainable. The plants are harvested from the river and allowed to dry naturally. Then craftsmen weave these strands into this small table. As you can see in the pictures the weave is tight and strong making a sturdy and useful stool or table. The item is finished with a water based lacquer giving the weave a luster that will last for years.

  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Overall Width: 19.5 in.
  • Overall Height: 19.5 in.
  • Overall Depth: 19.5 in.

Please contact for shipping & handling. Store pickup avlaible! 

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